Steel One-stop Service


Grade Standard Area Content
DIN 13 NiCr 6 Germany Heat treatable low alloyed NiCr steel
DIN 1.0545 DIN EN 10025-3 Germany Hot rolled structural steel products - Part 3: Technical specifications for the delivery of normal-welded, normal-welded, fine-grained structural steel.
DIN St 37-2 G DIN 1623-2 Germany Steel flat products; cold reduced sheet and strip; technical delivery conditions; general purpose structural steels
DIN M 2 Germany Non alloy quality steel
DIN GGG-40.3 DIN 1693-1 Germany Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite; Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades
DIN 1.4458 DIN EN 10213 Germany Steel castings for pressure purposes
DIN GX40CrSi13 DIN EN 10295 Germany Heat resistant steel castings
DIN GGG-50 DIN 1693-1 Germany Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite; Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades
DIN GG-12 DIN 1691 Germany Flake graphite cast iron (grey cast iron); properties
DIN RoSt 44-3 Germany Structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels
DIN 1.4923 DIN 17240 Germany Heat Resisting and Highly Heat Resisting Materials for Bolts and Nuts; Quality Specifications
DIN 20 MnCrMo 4 Germany Weldable high strength low alloyed MnSiCrMo steel
DIN GX 40 CrNi 24-5 Germany Heat-resisting CrNi steel
DIN G-X 300 CrNiSi 9 5 2 DIN 1695 Germany Abrasion resisting alloy cast iron
DIN X16CrNi25-20 Germany Heating conductor alloys
DIN Ni 51 Germany High alloyed Ni steel
DIN 1.0948 DIN EN 10336 Germany Continuous hot dip coating for cold forming and multiphase steel electrolytic coating steel strip and steel sheet
DIN X 8 CrNiTi 18 10 DIN 17459 Germany Seamless circular tubes of austenitic steels for high temperature service; technical delivery conditions
DIN 13 MnMo 6 5 DIN 17145 Germany Round Wire Rod for Welding Filler Metals; Technical Conditions of Delivery
DIN S 620 QL DIN EN 10137-2 Germany Steel sheets and high-yield structural steels of high-strength-strength steels - Part 2: Delivery conditions for quenched and tempered steel
DIN Sint-C 00 DIN 30910-4 Germany Sintered metal materials - Sintered-material specifications - Part 4: Materials for structural parts
DIN 49 CrMo 4 DIN 17212 Germany Flame and Induction Hardening Steels; Quality Specifications
DIN X 8 CrMoNb 18 2 Germany High alloyed CrMoNb steel
DIN X 1 CrNiMoCuN 25 25 5 DIN EN 10088-1 Germany Stainless steels. List of stainless steels
DIN CrAl 14-4 DIN 17470 Germany Heating conductor alloys; technical delivery conditions for round and flat wire


The one-stop service for steel provides various steel grade query services and steel raw material sales, and unites multiple steel manufacturers and processors to provide customers with diversified services. We can provide customized services according to customers' needs.